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The 150+ TRICKS & MNEMONICS FOR IAS PRELIMS EXAM, 2023 (eBook) combines over 150 tricks and mnemonics for UPSC (IAS / IPS) exam, SSC, State PCS, and Banking exams. 

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The 150+ TRICKS & MNEMONICS for IAS exam, 2023 combines over 150 mnemonics, tricks, and shortcodes to retain important UPSC exam-related information.

How 150+ TRICKS & MNEMONICS FOR IAS PRELIMS EXAM, 2023 Book will help you?

Whether you’re a Civil Services (IAS / IPS) aspirant, State PCS (MPSC / UPPSC, etc.) aspirant, or preparing for SSC, or Banking exams, you need to access a vast wealth of information quickly and accurately. From the finer points of history to economy, polity, and difficult geographic locations, you’re expected to memorize all this. Memorizing and retaining so much information is a gargantuan task. This book is here to help aspirants with this.

Clever mnemonics and funny wordplay stick in your head. 150+ TRICKS & MNEMONICS for the UPSC exam adds entertainment and laughter to what would otherwise be a grueling test of memory. Whether you’re a fresher or senior aspirant, 150+ TRICKS & MNEMONICS for UPSC help you learn and retain the knowledge you need to succeed in your chosen exam.

150+ TRICKS & MNEMONICS for UPSC are written in simple and easy language. So, even students preparing in regional mediums (Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, etc.) will find this very easy.

The book covers 150+ tricks and mnemonics for the UPSC exam across the various subjects

  • Environment and Biodiversity 
  • Indian Geography
  • World Geography
  • International Organizations
  • Polity
  • History
  • Economics
  • Health

Product details

  • File Size: 8.6 MB
  • Author: Dr. Gaurav J. Sontake
  • Published on:  March 13, 2023
  • Number of pages: 182 pages
  • Language: English
  • Edition: 2

Sample Mnemonics

Important fold mountains
Trick- U ARe A Himalaya
U- Ural Mountain.
A- Alps Mountain.
R- Rocky Mountain.
A- Andes Mountain.
H- Himalaya

Prime Meridian Countries
Countries through which the
Prime Meridian passes
Trick- Binod GoT FAMoUS
B- Burkina Faso
G- Ghana
T- Togo
F- France
A- Algeria
M- Mali
U- U.K.
S- Spain

Official languages of UNO
F- French
A- Arabic
C- Chinese
E- English
R- Russian
S- Spanish

Mekong Ganga Cooperation
Trick- LIMCa TV
L- Lao PDR
I- India
M- Myanmar
Ca- Cambodia
T- Thailand
V- Vietnam

Keywords in Preamble
Trick- DR. Sushant Singh Saini
was fond of JaLEBI
D- Democratic
R- Republic
S- Sovereign
S- Social
S- Secular
B-Brotherhood-word used in the preamble is ‘fraternity’

Provisions of the Indian Constitution borrowed from GOI Act 1935
Trick- JPEG Format
J- Judiciary
P- Public Service Commissions
E- Emergency
G- Governor’s office
F- Federal structure

Schedules of the Indian Constitution
T- Territory
E- Emoluments
A- Affirmations
R- Rajyasabha
S- Scheduled areas
O- Other scheduled areas
F- Federal provisions
O- Official languages
L- Land reforms
D- Anti Defection
P- Panchayat
M- Municipality


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