Monthly General Studies Answer Writing


This program is for new students. This will have basic-level questions. All possible topics mentioned in the syllabus, along with relevant current affairs topics, will be covered. Every month, students can choose any one general studies paper. 

If a student follows the program seriously, he will be able to attempt every possible question and score an exceptionally high score on the final exam.

Features of program

  • Every month students can choose any paper (GS I/ GS II / GS III). Students can pay fees monthly.
  • Rankers and interview appeared candidates as mentors 
  • Daily 4 questions based on a predefined plan
  • Copy evaluation within 24 hrs
  • One-on-one sessions with mentors 
  • Evaluation by CSE toppers and interview appeared candidates
  • Model answers for revision 
  • Best copies of the week 
  • Answer enriching tips, keywords, examples, case studies, statistics 

Fees: ₹ 2000/-

Enrollment Link – https://rzp.io/l/7W7VFOjSQ

Download Schedule

General Studies Paper I

General Studies Paper II

General Studies Paper III

If you have any queries, feel free to contact Dr. Gaurav J. Sontake (+91-7827779142 or upscsupersimplified@gmail.com)