Testimonials- What our Students Say

Manoj Kharde, Assistant Commandant


I came in contact with Dr Gaurav Sir , who is part of UPSC Super Simplified, after my mains examination of 2020. I had done very badly in my mains, so I needed personal mentor who could help me to improve my answer writing speed, structure and overall marks in GS. Dr Gaurav Sir provided me support for all of this. He probably works with Japanese technique called KAI ZEN which is about gradual improvement on daily basis. Although I started with only 2 Questions daily. It helped me to complete my syllabus and remove fear of answer writing completely.

Last but not the least Dr Gaurav Sir provides personal support for all u r doubts and he even calls u when u failed to do answer writing. I am not aware of such hand holding in big gaint classes.

Thank and Regards ,

Manoj Bhanudas Kharde,

Assistant Commandant CAPF 2019.

Mayank Kumar, University of Delhi 

Hello there, I have been part of UPSC Super Simplified from last 6–8 months and If possible ,I will try to continue my course subscription in future also .Why to choose — daily mains questions( each day almost two sometimes three) and the copy correction in 24 hours, Copy correction by the person who has cleared atleast 2 mains , So you can think the quality of copy correction also weekly test regarding Gs portions and Essay test and ethics and it’s case study etc, and covering the g’s portions with current affairs are much beneficial for me, And the guidance by faculty is really great , and last but not the least the subscription amount is affordable ,I will suggest you to go for it.

Anshul Sao

I am a student of upsc super simplified and I have felt that it is one of the most worthy institutes which provide high quality guidance and mentorship for the UPSC aspirants and that too in a very affordable price.

The online answer writting gives an opportunity to the aspirants who belong to far off places and remote areas or those who are working professionals,who can’t come to Delhi for any reason to ace their preparation from the comforts of their home.

Moreover the one to one personal assistance which I get from Gaurav sir is fantastic.so.if you want to go for answer writings practice then you can surely rely on upsc super simplified.

Pankaj Meena

I found UPSC super simplified on telegram during normal searching for CSE preparation in 2021. After joining the daily answer writing I can surely say that daily 3 question and a weekly sectional half length test is helping the daily improvement in writing skills. It made consistency in writing. The unique feature of super simplified is the time bound answer evaluation within 24 hours. It helps in improvement in the next day answer writing. Gaurav sir is easily accessible over the telephone for mentoring and motivation. If anybody is serious for preparation and want to improve writing skills, should definitely join the daily answer writing programme.



Sushmita Bagal

I am part of daily answer writing practice of UPSC super simplified group it’s name says it all… Dr Gaurav sir is the best mentor he promised for answer writing practice like 24 hrs evaluation 2 questions daily at 9 am sharp and give model answers also which is d best part The fees is minimal and the quality is not compromised if u don’t wish to pay full u can pay in instalments too monthly if u put query on his channel he will respond very positively, calls himself when u need and explains everything to u in a very simple way. For this exam consistency, discipline and daily targets are important and u will find everything here I feel motivated every time to write answers as he also puts the best answer in the group I wanted to be in that position too daily answer writing practice made me so comfortable in writing. Thanks to Dr Gaurav sir

Lokesh Singh Thakur 

I am student of supersimplified mains answer writing guidance course, sir is very supportive and always ready to help and guide, and this course helped me a lot in answer writing, supersimplified not only provides model answer they also provide best answer copies which also help in comparing ur writing skills and develope a competetive attitude. Supersimplied has a good management team (no delay in checking answers). Only answer writing and analyzing model answer wouldn’t help me tht much , here u get personal guidance which I like the most and it helps me to understand demand of question , linkages , how to conclude answer , wht silly mistakes i should avoid etc.. supersimplified not just complete the syllabus , Gaurav sir one to one guidance boost my confidence and help me to get in process of answerwriting.. thnks supersimplified…

Firoz Khan

It is relevant covering whole syllabus and evaluation is very good sir and I can easily understand that where I can improve and where I am lacking behind ans especially Gaurav sir a very good mentor and very easily accessible.


My name is Manideep. Currently I am taking answer writing course from UPSC super simplified. I came to know about it through SOMP telegram channel. when I was surfing through SOMP, I felt there is honesty and genuinity in whatever they are claiming. So I have contacted Gaurav sir and joined in it.

About my experience- What I like most is Timely response.

It has been one month since I am writing answers, they are very disciplined and committed. They post questions exactly at 9:00 am and review our answers within 24 hours (very particular). I have never received my answer evaluation sheets lately. I can assure you regarding this.

Regarding evaluation, they read every sentence that we write (many institutes will not) and review. Besides they will provide model answers too.

Fee is very minimal and we can pay in installments too. whereas other institutes are taking very high.

Basavraj LC

“Sir, I’m impressed with your consistency ( one of the Major  things I would expect from any course ). 

You never missed a single day to post a question and also an evaluation.  One month course that I utilized was the best considering the difficult situation that I was facing . Thank you so much sir. 😊

Navami J

“There was a time when I used to look at  questions and struggle to understand the needs of the question and sometimes the question itself. I am not still successful enough but now I am sure that I  have the confidence to face it. I don’t know what I would have done without this session of yours. My whole hearted thanks and gratitude. Whether I am in the final list or not.. I have improved a lot and questions are not intimidating me, so it’s a victory for me already. I am indebted to you. Thank you so much!!!”


“I joined Mains answer writing program with Upsc super simplified in January after giving a read to all basic sources. It proved immensely helpful in application of acquired knowledge. The small targets and planned schedule helped me in holistic revision. Weekly paper- wise schedule provided by the team was very comprehensive and simplified my efforts. On time reviews, coverage of PYQs, with micro details on where I went wrong, eg- using facts in introduction instead of the body part, clubbing points to save words, using keywords etc. has channelized my writing skills. I am highly thankful to the team for their dedicated efforts.”

Mansi Tripathi

“The daily answer writing program for those who are serious about clearing their mains . My past mains attempts couldn’t get such mentoring . This program helped me about sticking to the demand of the question , writing crisp introductions and making the content more presentable .Still remember about the first day when i made a diagram and sir guided me how to draw it more legitimately .

This program made my mains preparation more stronger. Though I regret I joined it late .

Thank you sir and the team !”

Binshad Ali

“Daily answer writing program was very good. I experienced improvement every day. Thanks for daily guidance.”

Arunima Aggrawal

“The Daily answer writing initiative of UPSC Supersimplified acted as an eye opener for me. It helped me realize my shortcomings with respect to the content of my answers, its presentation and the time taken to write them.

I could actually notice a change in my note making strategy in just a month’s time. I was now better equipped to know which areas of the topics I should primarily focus upon.

I would recommend everyone to join the programme, at least for a month, to inculcate in oneself consistency and discipline. Further, one would also get self-assessed as to where one stands in the preparation.”


“Daily answer writing program is really helping me to cover syllabus,everyday small targets can easily cover it. I came to know about my shortcomings and can see improvement in my studies and note making…

Thank you sir for your valuable feedback everytime….”

Ravi Kumar

“I liked how the course was structured. I learned a lot about answer writing for the UPSC Mains exam. Mentor is really nice and answered all my questions. Everything on the course was perfect”

Mohit Sangra

“I have joined UPSC super simplified for Answer writing in March.It is one of the best decision.Daily targets helps me in covering Mains Syllabus comprehensively .Quality of questions is excellent and evaluation is timely with details where i made a mistake,suggestions to improve,framing good structure,highlighting keywords.

Overall good experience.

Thanks sir for becoming a part of my UPSC journey”

Suman Banik

“As I am just a beginner so I have no idea how to write a good answer with in time limit.

This platform has taught me how to write a good answer and the feedback also helps me to find my mistakes. And it also suggest me what to write and what not to write , what should be the answer format etc.

Everything is very good…..”