Booklist For IAS Mains   

GS 1

  • Indian Art and Culture – An Introduction to Indian Art – Class XI NCERT Chapters related to culture in Ancient and Medieval India NCERTs and any good coaching institute notes. Not referring to Nitin Singhania book because it is too bulky, and no surety of question from this book.
  • Modern Indian History : A Brief History of Modern India- Spectrum Publications
  • India’s Post Independence History and World History: Take any good coaching notes and read. Only 1-2 questions are asked in Mains from each section.
  • Geography: 11th and 12th geography NCERT and any good coaching concise notes  and supplement with current affairs related topics
  • Indian Society: Read Vision IAS class notes and supplement with current affairs notes.

GS 2

  • Polity and governance portion: Laxmikanth book, M Puri Polity Notes, and summary of GS SCORE ARC 2. Topics such as Salient Features of the Representation of People’s Act  and Statutory, Regulatory and various Quasi-judicial Bodies can be covered from VISION printed notes or some other good coaching notes. And Supplement with current affairs portion (Mains 365).
  • International relation: Monthly IR current affairs and MAINS 365 cover the UPSC’s requirement .One needs not to go into the static portion in detail unless having PSIR as optional.

GS 3

  • Economy and Agriculture: Prelims notes (SRIRAM IAS notes ) , Vision printed material and  supplement with IAS Network GS-3 notes + Current affairs(Mains 365).
  • Environment: Shankar IAS Book + Mains 365
  • Science and technology: Any good coaching printed or class notes + Mains 365
  • Internal Security: IASNETWORK notes + MAINS 365

GS 4

  • DECODE ETHICS by Mudit Jain IRS
  • Examples of each keyword like integrity etc from current affairs and own life .

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