Darshana – Indian Philosophy

●Nyaya (spiritualist)

→ Gautama 6th BC
→ Nyaya Sutra
→ It is a logical quest for God. It tells that the material power Maya, with the help of God, becomes the universe.

-> Kanada
→ 6th BC
-> Vaisheshika Sutra
→ It aims is to receive happiness in this life and finally ultimate liberation through the attachment of true knowledge of Divine.

●Sankhya (Materialist)
→ Kapila 6th BC
→ Sankhya Sutra
← It explains that the aim of Sankhya is to eliminate all kinds of physical and mental pains and to receive liberation.

●Yoga (spiritualist) 
→> Maharishi
➔ Patanjali
➔ 2nd BC
➔ Yog Sutra
➔ It has 4 chapters and accepts three kinds of evidences for determining the aim of life.

Purva Mimansa (spiritualist)
➔ Jaimini
➔ 4th BC
➔ Purva Mimansa Sutra
➔ It is condensed explanation of Vedic theme and at the same time, the classification of its issues.

Vedanta (Uttara Mimansa) (spiritualist) 
➔ Maharishi Vyasa
➔ 4th BC
➔ Uttara Mimansa Sutra
➔ It explains that Brahma Sutra is for that person who has a real deep desire to know God. True liberation could only be attained by lovingly surrendering to Him.

➔ Propunder: Charvaka
➔ Most extreme materialistic
➔ Opposed quest for spiritual salvation.
➔ Denied the existence of supernatural beings.
➔ Accepted only those things experienced by human senses and organs as reality.

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