• The government of Odisha has passed the landmark legislation “the Odisha Right to Public Services Act, 2012”. The Act guarantees the delivery of public services to the citizens in a time-bound manner (Good Governance). 
  • It is an initiative to check the corruption in public service delivery. 
  • It is to bring transparency and accountability in the delivery of public services.
  • 31(Thirty one) services relating to the Revenue & Disaster Management department have been notified as public services under u/s 3(1) of the ORTPS Act, 2012. 
  • As per the ORTPS Act, 2012 if a citizen is unable to get proper service he/she can file an appeal on an e-Appeal platform against the designated officer before an appellate authority within 30 days. 
  • After this, if the appeal is not revised by the appellate authority in 30 days, citizens can apply for e-revision. 
  • Provision of penalty is also there. 

Aim of the Act
  • To enable the citizens to demand public services as a right.
  • Universalization of public services.
  • Accountability and transparency.
  • Time-bound grievance redressal mechanism for citizens.
  • To make citizen charter an administrative guarantee and justiciable legal right. 

Issues (According to the CAG Report of 2017)
  1. Services were not provided within the time limit as there was a delay in communication to the applicants.
  2. Departments are not providing required information about public services.
  3. Maximum delay was in the service of Registration of vehicles (45%).
  4. Records on public services were not maintained by any departments.
  5. Lack of utilization of tracking and monitoring system. 

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