[Solved] “Non-performance of duty by a public servant is a form of corruption”. Do you agree with this view? Justify your answer.

Public servants are expected to be dedicated to their jobs and failing to do so is considered a kind of corruption. Before concluding, the grounds for not executing the task must be considered.

Arguments for:

  • Not fulfilling duty is like hiding something from the public. Non-performance creates a sense of deceit, which is akin to corruption. For example, a public official fails to clear a citizen’s pension.
  • A public official is supposed to observe the government’s laws and regulations. To maintain the institution’s sacredness, one must obey the rules. Ignorance of rules and laws is equivalent to corruption. For example, a public official is instructed to evict illegal construction, and failing to do so creates the image of bribery.
  • Professionalism is a key characteristic of a public official and must be maintained at all times. Corrupt behavior is not meeting job expectations. For example, a cop purposely avoids the crime scene.
  • The loss of freedom, health, education, rights, and even life can result from a public servant’s failure to discharge their duties. For example, a doctor who is late to work endangers the patients’ lives, and a teacher who is absent endangers the children’s and society’s future.

Arguments Against:

  • A public official’s responsibility may not always be ethically correct. In such a circumstance, the official may refuse to act. For example, a public servant may refuse to obey directives that harm society.
  • Other unintentional circumstances may hinder an official from completing his duties. That doesn’t mean they’re corrupt. 
  • Other issues include lack of coordination, human power, and budget.

So, in all circumstances, not doing duty does not equate to corruption. But not fulfilling them without a valid reason is a serious violation. Thus, it is necessary for every government servant to do their job properly in order to defend constitutional ideals and bring about change in the lives of the masses.

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