“Though women in post-Independent India have excelled in various fields, the social attitude towards women and feminist movement has been patriarchal.” Apart from women education and women empowerment schemes, what interventions can help change this milieu?

Post-independence India’s socio-economic and political circumstances have affected women’s status. This change was caused by government measures and women-led movements.

Kalpana Chawla, Sindhutai Sapkal, and Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw represent varied social work and professional disciplines. Sabrimala and Triple Talaq show how entrenched patriarchy is in society.

Education and government programs aren’t enough. Interventions like:
– Urbanization eases inflexible social systems. Social freedom, domestic roles, etc. It supports women’s economic and political participation. It addresses personal and family concerns.
– Gender equality must begin at home, with parents, spouses, and siblings.
– To promote women in STEM, India needs an Athena SWAN charter.
– Balancing maternity and paternity leaves helps gender equality at work.
– Police reforms must include gender inclusion. It can reduce public violence.
– Popular culture like movies like Secret Superstar or Dangal can change social attitudes.

Education and empowerment are needed to promote the feminist movement, but India’s gender equality concerns require a more fundamental and practical solution.

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