What is the basis of regionalism? Is it that unequal distribution of benefits of development on a regional basis eventually promotes regionalism? Substantiate your answer. 2016

People living in a particular geographic region who are connected by their particular language, culture, and other factors may express a shared sense of identity and purpose through regionalism. For instance, the movements in Telangana, the North East, and Khalistan
Although unequal resource distribution is not the only reason, it contributes to regionalism.

Other factors playing key role
Political reasons
Lack of regional political representation is one political factor. As a result, the region will no longer receive government assistance and will become less significant. The area must be significant in local, state, or federal politics if it is to grow and develop.Eg. Telangana movement.

Regional pride
This display of pride motivates people to work toward a common objective of strengthening regional ties, which is more important than national pride.
The benefits of regionalism

Economic factors
A region’s lack of development leads to poverty. Major development projects like industries, roads, or other infrastructure are not supplied as a result of the stepmotherly mentality.
Ex: The Bundelkhand region suffers from a lack of economic growth.

Cultural influences
People may become loud opponents of regionalism if the culture and legacy of the area are not protected. Language, religion, tradition, or any other aspect that is extremely important to the people can be cultural causes.
Eg. Bodoland movement.

Therefore, regionalism is not just a development or economic ideology. It is based on a number of additional factors that contribute to give the area a unique identity.

Issue of regionalism can be addressed by-
Decentralised planning
Use of a multi-cultural development model
Strengthening democracy at the grassroots.

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