Attributes Of Public Policy

Question – What are the key attributes of public policy? Also discuss the role of informal agencies involved in public policy formulation.

A public policy is a goal-oriented course of action set and implemented by government organizations and officials to achieve specified public-interest objectives or aims. Public policy issues are those that must be addressed through legislation and regulations enacted by the government.

Key attributes of a Public policy:  

  • Policymaking is a continuous process with no obvious starting or end point, because decisions regarding who will benefit from policies and who will bear any burden coming from the policy are constantly examined, revisited, and amended.
  • It is formed in response to an issue or problem that needs to be addressed.
  • It is what the government decides to do or not do in response to a certain issue or problem.
  • It could take the shape of a law, a rule, or a collection of all the laws and regulations that regulate a specific issue or situation.
  • It is made on behalf of the “public.”
  • It is ultimately made by governments, even if the ideas originate outside of government or through interactions between government and the people.

Informal Agencies involved in  Public Policy Formulation:

  • Individual Citizens: In a democratic government, public opinion plays a significant role in the policy formulation. People in a democracy commence the legislative and policy-making process by voting for candidates whose opinions and values they are aware with.
  • Media: The media bridge the information gap between the citizens and the government. They inform citizens on the decisions made by governments, and so the media helps influence their reactions to each other’s decisions.
  • Political Parties: They play a vital role in reflecting on the challenges at hand and defining societal goals. They have a significant impact in mobilizing public opinion on a variety of subjects.
  • Civil Society Organizations (CSO): They seek to influence government choices without attempting to hold political office. Individual citizens are rarely a considerable force when acting alone. In this environment, group action through CSOs is a more effective means for citizens to influence public policies than individual activity.

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