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In Part A of Ethics, many questions are based on keywords in the syllabus. In these types of questions, you need a short definition and examples. Here, we have given short definitions. You have to remember this. You can add extra points on your behalf.

1 Ethics- Motivation based on ideas of right and wrong; being consistent with fundamental human virtues.

2 Integrity- Moral Soundness(intactness).

3 Aptitude- Natural ability to do something.

4 Attitude- A settled way of thinking for feeling about something ( Eg. Religion, Race, Cast, Sex).

5 Probity- Quality of having strong moral principles.

  • Honesty, integrity, uprightness.
  • Applying public sector value such as -TRANSPARENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY, IMPARTIALITY.


6 Human Values- Beliefs of a person or social group, in which they have an emotional investment.

7 Persuasion- Cause somebody to adopt a certain position or belief or course of action.

8 Impartiality- Quality of treating different views or opinions equally and fairly.

9 Non-Partisonship-  Not supporting or influenced by any political party or special interest group.

10 Objectivity- Judgement based on observable phenomenon uninfluenced by emotions or personal prejudice.

11 Sympathy- Human quality of sharing sufferings of others.

12 Empathy- Human quality not only sharing but also understanding the suffering of others.

13 Compassion- Human quality of understanding others Sufferings and wanting to do something. 

14 Tolerance- Willingness to recognise and respect the beliefs of others.

15 Emotional Intelligence- Ability to identify assess and manage one’s own emotions and other emotions.



16 Dilemma- State of uncertainty requiring a choice between equality unfavourable options.

17 Conscience- Conformity to one’s own ideas of right and wrong.

18 Corruption- Use of position of trust for dishonest gains.


Monopoly+ Discretion – Accountability = Corruption


19 Conflict of interests – A situation where a conflict arises between public duty and private interests.

20 Preserverance – Persistence in doing duty despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

21 Commitment – Quality of being dedicated to cause or activity.

22 Courage of Conviction – To act in accordance with one’s beliefs, in spite of criticism.

23 Crisis of Conscience- A situation in which it is very difficult to decide what is the right thing to do.

24 Happiness –  State of well being characterised by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

25 Patriotism –  Feeling of love and dedication towards the motherland.

26 Trust deficit – Inverse of trustworthiness.

27 Trustworthiness – A virtue of earning the faith of others in oneself regarding some purpose.

28 Fortitude – Mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty, adversity, danger or temptation courageously.

29 Public Service – Service provided by the government for its citizens either directly or indirectly.

30 Wisdom – Right application of knowledge.

31 Inequality –  Gap in Environment, Affordability, resources available to one in relation in other.

32 Social Justice – Justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges within a society.

33 Accountability – To take responsibility for the outcome of one’s action and address the issues coming out of it promptly and fairly.

34 Integrity – Consistency of values, principles, expectations actions and outcomes in the context of the behaviour of an individual.

35 Probity –

  • Being a person of honesty, integrity and uprightness.
  • Applying values of impartiality, accountability and transparency.
  • Being incorruptible.
  • Respecting human, it’s compassion for downtrodden and commitment to their welfare.

36 Citizen’s Charter- An undertaking, public organization gives to citizens, to provide a high level of service, while meeting standards contained in declaration

37 Work Culture- A set practices, values, and shared beliefs within an organization and in its employees that arises from generally regarded as appropriate way to think and act.


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