You are heading the rescue operations in an area affected by severe natural calamity. Thousands of people are rendered homeless and deprived of food, drinking water and other basic amenities. Rescue work has been disrupted by heavy rainfall and damage to supply routes. The local people are seething with anger against the delayed limited rescue operations. When your team reaches the affected area, the people there heckle and even assault some of the team members. One of your team members is even severely injured. Faced with this crisis, some team members plead with you to call off the operations fearing threats to their life. In such trying circumstances, what will be your response? Examine the qualities of a public servant which will be required to manage the situation. (2019)

Stakeholders In this situation, there are several key stakeholders that need to be considered. These include  the affected people in the area,  local government and police authorities,  the rescue team,  the medical staff providing aid,  NGOs and aid organizations providing assistance. Response Given the complexity of the situation, it is important to take a multi-pronged … Read more

In our country, the migration of rural people to towns and cities is increasing drastically. This is causing serious problems both in the rural as well as in the urban areas. In fact, things are becoming really unmanageable. Can you analyze this problem in detail and indicate not only the socio-economic but also the emotional and attitudinal factors responsible for this problem? Also, distinctly bring out why— 1. Educated rural youth are trying to shift to urban areas; 2. Landless poor people are migrating to urban slums; 3. Even some farmers are selling off their land and trying to settle in urban areas taking up petty jobs. 4. What feasible steps can you suggest which will be effective in controlling this serious problem of our country?

The allure of the benefits provided by cities draws people from rural areas to metropolitan areas. In addition, a lack of work prospects and social mobility in rural areas draws people from the poorest strata of society to cities. There is a widespread belief that people can make fortune in larger cities, which attracts people … Read more

As a senior officer in the Finance Ministry, you have access to some confidential and crucial information about policy decisions that the Government is about to announce. These decisions are likely to have far-reaching impact on the housing and construction industry. If the builders have access to this information beforehand, they can make huge profits. One of the builders has done a lot of quality work for the Government and is known to be close to your immediate superior, who asks you to disclose this information to the said builder. 1. What are the options available to you? 2. Evaluate each of these options and choose the option which you would adopt, giving reasons. (20 marks) (250 words)

Case facts The builder is well-known for efficiency. The builder has a close relationship with the higher officer, who wishes to share information with him. Options available One option is to provide the information to the builder. It might be argued that the builder provided excellent service to the government and thus deserves to be … Read more

Saraswati was a successful IT professional in USA. Moved by the patriotic sense of doing something for the country she returned to India. Together with some other like-minded friends, she formed an NGO to build a school for a poor rural community. The objective of the school was to provide the best quality modern education at a nominal cost. She soon discovered that she has to seek permission from a number of Government agencies. The rules and procedures were quite confusing and cumbersome. What frustrated her most was the delays, callous attitude of officials and constant demand for bribes. Her experience and the experience of many others like her has deterred people from taking up social service projects. A measure of Government control over voluntary social work is necessary. But it should not be exercised in a coercive or corrupt manner. What measures can you suggest to ensure that due control is exercised but well meaning, honest NGO efforts are not thwarted? (20 marks) (250 words)

Firstly, development processes targeted at educating rural impoverished communities should be encouraged. Saraswati and her friends were determined to use NGOs to effect positive change. Their passion should not be stifled by providing them with every feasible support in a timely manner. The following steps can be taken to assure legal compliance and to expedite … Read more

There is a disaster-prone Stale having frequent landslides, forest fires, cloudbursts, flash floods and earthquakes, etc. Some of these are seasonal and often unpredictable. The magnitude of the disaster is always unanticipated. During one of the seasons, a cloudburst caused devastating floods and landslides leading to high casualties. There was major damage to infrastructure like roads, bridges and power generating units. This led to more than 100000 pilgrims, tourists and other locals trapped across different routes and locations. The people trapped in your area of responsibility included senior citizens, patients in hospitals, women and children, hikers, tourists, ruling party’s regional president along with his family, additional chief secretary- of the neighbouring State and prisoners in jail. As a civil services officer of the State, what would be the order in which you would rescue these people and why? Give justifications. (20 marks) (250 words)

Public officials are expected to adhere to nonpartisanship and impartiality values in all aspects of their duties, including the treatment of civilians. As a responsible official, it will be critical to upholding these ideals even when dealing with VIPs. Course of action I would follow the broad standards that are established when dealing with crisis … Read more

You are the Sarpanch of a Panchayat. There is a primary school run by the government in your area. Midday meals are provided to the children attending the school. The Headmaster has now appointed a new cook in the school to prepare the meals. However, when it is found that the cook is from Dalit community, almost half of the children belonging to higher castes arc not allowed to take meals by their parents. Consequently the attendance in the school falls sharply. This could result in the possibility of discontinuation of midday meal scheme, thereafter of teaching staff and subsequent closing down the school. (a) Discuss some feasible strategies to overcome the conflict and to create right ambience. (b) What should be the responsibilities of different social segments and agencies to create positive social ambience for accepting such changes? (20 marks) (250 words)

In India, social inequality is a reality, particularly in rural areas where caste plays a significant role in establishing one’s social standing. Using caste identification to practise untouchability was criminalised at the start of modern India, but it has yet to be totally eradicated. (a) Conflict resolution strategy Setting a good example As a sarpanch, … Read more

You are the head of the Human Resources department of an organisation. One day one of the workers died on duty. His family was demanding compensation. However, the company denied compensation because it was revealed in investigation that he was drunk at the time of the accident. The workers of the company went to strike demanding compensation for the family of the deceased. The Chairman of the management board has asked for your recommendation. What recommendation would you provide the management? Discuss the merits and demerits of each of the recommendations. (20 marks) (250 words)

The case described above is an example of a conflict between professional obligations and human values. The circumstance necessitates striking a balance between the ability to maintain professionalism while remaining true to one’s values. Options available Option 1- Giving compensation without hesitation My initial option would be to compensate the victim by disregarding the report … Read more

You are a municipal commissioner of a large city, having the reputation of a very honest and upright officer. A huge multipurpose mall is under construction in your city in which a large number of daily wage earners are employed. One night, during monsoons, a big chunk of the roof collapsed causing instant death of four labourers including two minors. Many more were seriously injured requiring immediate medical attention. The mishap resulted in a big hue and cry, forcing the government to institute an enquiry. Your preliminary enquiry has revealed a series of anomalies. The material used for the construction was of poor quality. Despite the approved building plans permitting only one basement, an additional basement has been constructed. This was overlooked during the periodic inspections by the building inspector of. The municipal corporation. In your enquiry, you noticed that the construction of the mall was given the green signal despite encroaching on areas earmarked for a green belt and a slip road in the Zonal Master Plan of the city. The permission to construct the mall was accorded by the previous Municipal Commissioner who is not only your senior and well known to you professionally, but also a good friend. Prima facie, the case appears to be of a widespread nexus between officials of the Municipal Corporation and the builders. Your colleagues are putting pressure on you to go slow in the enquiry. The builder, who is rich and influential, happens to be a close relative of a powerful minister in the state cabinet. The builder is persuading you to hush up the matter, promising you a fortune to do so. He also hinted that this matter is not resolved at the earliest in his favour there is somebody in his office who is waiting to file a case against you under the POSH Act. Discuss the ethical issues involved in the case. What are the options available to you in this situation? Explain your selected course of action. (20 marks) (250 words)

In this issue, I’m caught between my allegiance to my senior friend, the previous Municipal Commissioner, and my duty to investigate the case. The conflict between my own interests and my public duty is the source of my second ethical dilemma. If I proceed slowly, I may reap personal gains, whereas carrying out my responsibilities … Read more