You are the head of the Human Resources department of an organisation. One day one of the workers died on duty. His family was demanding compensation. However, the company denied compensation because it was revealed in investigation that he was drunk at the time of the accident. The workers of the company went to strike demanding compensation for the family of the deceased. The Chairman of the management board has asked for your recommendation. What recommendation would you provide the management? Discuss the merits and demerits of each of the recommendations. (20 marks) (250 words)

The case described above is an example of a conflict between professional obligations and human values. The circumstance necessitates striking a balance between the ability to maintain professionalism while remaining true to one’s values.

Options available

Option 1- Giving compensation without hesitation

My initial option would be to compensate the victim by disregarding the report that he or she was inebriated. This would be entirely based on humanistic principles.


The most significant benefit of this recommendation would be the upholding of human ideals. This will also assist the survivability of the victim’s family members.


The issue would be a breakdown of worker discipline. Because the management has acted leniently, the workers will believe it is acceptable to consume alcohol during working hours.

Option 2- Job to a close relative

This is the most appropriate method since it will send a message that management will not accept acts such as drinking alcohol while also indicating the management’s softer side toward staff members’ families.


This step eliminates the possibility of questions about the company’s discipline being asked. This will also pay tribute to the company’s history of treating employees and their families well.


Family members from the Demerit family may use blackmail to gain greater benefits from the company’s management.

Option 3 – Refusing to compensate or provide benefits

This move may be deemed extreme, as the corporation will need to be extremely determined to deal with any criticism it may receive as a result of it.


This will send the clearest word possible about the company’s employee policy and its firm stance against workplace indiscipline.


The victim employee’s family must suffer as a result of his or her faults. This will also reflect poorly on the company’s employees’ reputation.

As a result, my proposal would be to simply present options in the current context, and management would be responsible for the rest of the decision. Finally, an effort must be made to strike a balance between the company’s humanistic principles and its discipline.

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