(JKPSC) Do you think adopting sustainable agricultural practices in India is more important now than ever? [250 Words] (15)

Do you think adopting sustainable agricultural practices in India is more important now than ever? [250 Words] (15)

Sustainable agriculture aims to address current demands without compromising future needs. It includes many methods to protect the environment, promote social justice, and boost economic growth.

Need to adopt sustainable agricultural practices in India

  • Climate change : India is highly climate-vulnerable. The country is seeing increasing droughts and floods, which are affecting agriculture. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing soil health, sustainable agriculture helps reduce climate change.
  • Water Scarcity: Groundwater depletion and surface water pollution are unsustainable in the country. By lowering irrigation and water use, sustainable agriculture conserves water.
  • Degradation of soil : Overuse of pesticides and fertilizers and poor land management have degraded soil quality.
  • Food Security: The nation must generate more food to feed growing papulation. Sustainable agriculture increases yields and reduces post-harvest losses, increasing food output.

Along with these obstacles, sustainable agriculture has many benefits for India, including:

  • Improved farmer livelihoods: Sustainable agriculture can boost farmers’ incomes and reduce their dependence on outside supplies.
  • Increased biodiversity: Sustainable agriculture reduces pesticide and herbicide use and promotes natural pest control to maintain biodiversity.
  • Reduced fossil fuel use: Sustainable agriculture can lessen India’s fossil fuel dependence by encouraging solar and wind power.
  • India must embrace sustainable agriculture practices to address climate change, water scarcity, soil degradation, and food security. Farmers, the environment, and the economy may gain from sustainable agriculture.

In India, following sustainable farming approaches can be adopted:

  • Agricultural Forestry
  • Organic farming
  • Conservation agriculture
  • Precision farming

These measures can help India establish a robust and sustainable food system.

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